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Our Office

Ottawa, ON


My Philosophy

I believe everyone deserves stunning images of themselves and their loved ones.
I believe in Inclusivity. Being mindful of everyone’s cultures, sexual orientation, budgets, accessibility, or even mad ideas. I am here for all sorts of experiences and you are all welcomed.
I believe in Love & Passion. Showing up with the greatest of attitudes to my work space(s), respecting my clients, and always going above and beyond to get those timeless images.
I believe in Community. Striving at making you feel comfortable to capture your special moments. I get to be a part of very intimate events in your life so I treat them as such.
I believe in Authenticity. Telling your most honest story by diving deep into capturing unrehearsed moments. Lastly,
I believe that there is something inherently good in hard work while seeking a balance between hustle and rest. And there may be nothing greater than a life well-loved shared with good people.



1.     What's your style of photography? I have a photojournalistic approach to my sessions, it is a blend between candid and posed photography. I like to make my clients laugh, kiss, and hug. I have a different approach with each client, always making sure they feel comfortable. Every client has different expectations but overall I document the day as it unfolds and having fun with it! That’s super important.

2.     When will I receive my images? How many images will I receive? This depends on the type of session we have, the number of people in the shoot, and the total time for the session. Individual and couple sessions take about 2 weeks, groups and family sessions take about 4 weeks. Weddings can take up to 4-6 weeks. I want to give you the best images! Let’s not rush the process. I have no cap on the number of images I deliver. If we end up with many amazing images, why would I not share them with you?

3.     How are my pictures backed up and protected? Double safe! I have an external hard-drive and keep images in the computer as well as the SD cards until transferred to the hard-drive. I do not have pets or children, so my SD cards are less likely to get lost or nibbled on (though I do wish I had a Bernese Mountain Dog). 

4.     Are your prices flexible? Absolutely! It is part of my philosophy. I want to make this service accessible to as many people as possible. If you know someone who wants professional pictures but has been putting it off because of certain limitations, I am your gal!

5.     Will you be posting my images online? I do include some images in my website galleries and social media, but not without your consent. Before our session, I will send you a proposal with a contract. You can choose to exclude sharing images online.

6.     Who created your amazing logo and doodle art? I am lucky to know a Canadian artist, her name is Paige Inglis and I love her work! Paige creates beautiful art inspired by nature. She is currently working on her new store in Etsy called Little Prose Press, I encourage you to check it out! You can also follow her on Instagram. 

And just for fun...

7.     How do you drink your coffee? Black. I mean, is there any other way? Double long espressos are incredible and underrated. Flat whites when I am feeling fancy.

Is there anything I missed? If you think I did or you are curious about something else, please do not hesitate to email me at